People in Mauritius are more hooked onto Facebook than any other social network (Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/Digg/Reddit) and if you want to use social media to promote something for your business, then you got to learn what makes an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

Currently we have 323,800 Mauritians on Facebook, 55% of which are male. The age group that’s more active is between 18-34 as they comprise 63% of the total user base in our country. Here’s a visual breakdown to better understand it :

mauritius facebook statistics

How to make your Facebook Ad more appealing

The purpose of your ad is to get people to do a certain action, whether that’s liking your fan page or signing up to your newsletter. Therefore you need to have an advert that’s going to stand out, something that’s definitely going to catch the attention of your potential customers. To get the most out of your ad, you need to get the 3 things perfect in your ad – title, image and body.

If you want more exposure for your fan pages, then won’t be able to change the title of the ad. This is fine because you want brand awareness but for other types of promotion (external links to your website), you want to craft the perfect title. For a web design company, a headline that says “Do you need a new website?” will perform better than “Website design” because people will subconsciously answer the question when reading your ad and you’ll get more conversions than with a broad term. You need to maximise your click through rate (CTR) with potential customers and every Tom, Dick and Harry. Note that there’s a 25 character limit on the title.

Since Facebook uses blue and a white background, so if your image/logo is blue, that will just blend into the background. You don’t want that now, do you? Colours like red or green are perfect because they stand out from the rest of the page and will be more visible to the users.

The body of your ad is restricted to 90 characters and you should therefore keep your message simple. You need to be to the point. If you’re offering any kind of discounts, you can include that in there, just remember that the body needs to be concise.

Should you go for CPC or CPM?

CPC is cost per click which means every time your ad is clicked, you will be charged. When targeting Mauritius, I found that the CPC bid is set to $0.11. So if 100 people have clicked your ad, you will be charged $11.
CPM is cost per thousand impressions and that means that whether or not your ad is clicked through, you will be charged each time your ad appears on Facebook. For a thousand times that your ad has been displayed, you can pay as little as $0.05 or more. This depends on the competition and the type of ad you’re running though. The thing to remember here is that if no one ever clicks on your advert, you still have to pay if your advert was shown (for every 1000 times).

You can start your campaign with CPC and then change to CPM to test which one performs better for you. You might find that the other outperforms the previous so it’s good testing not only this but also different headlines, body text and images.

It has been found that Tuesdays are the best days to run a campaign because that’s when there is the highest level of engagement. Interaction is higher between 10pm to midnight but that’s a general rule and you should really do what you think is best by trying out different days and times.

You can pay for the Facebook ads by PayPal or using your credit card; just remember to monitor your spending. You can either allocate a lifetime budget, say Rs3000/$100, and all that can finish in one day or you can have a daily limit Rs100/$10. I prefer the second one because it allows you to test different days and you can pause the campaign to test it at different times, that is, pause in the morning and resume it in the evening.

Things to keep in mind

I’ve seen it quite a few times that advertisers who are new to paid marketing get it wrong because of silly mistakes. The external website address that they use do not work and they are oblivious to the amount of money they are losing as a result. People are clicking their links but it’s invalid (error on page, 404 not found, wrong landing page etc).

Facebook is a cheap way to get the word out for your business but you need to know exactly what you want right from the beginning. People don’t usually like leaving Facebook, so unless you’ve got a good reason to bring them to your website, don’t! You can easily bring up your fan count because “LIKES” are easy to get, it doesn’t require much effort from the user. Once you’ve got a user base, you should engage your fans constantly and not use this only as a marketing channel.


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