Illustration & Concept Design

Sometimes you may have a rough idea in your head and you want a designer to work on that concept. When you convey your idea, you need to give as much detail as possible for the other person to understand your requirements properly and be able to draw exactly what you have in mind.

Genie coming out of a car exhaust pipe concept


A genie is supposed to make all your wishes come true and by dressing this character as a car mechanic wearing a hat and holding a spanner and instead of coming out of a bottle, it comes out of a car exhaust, the design perfectly shows you will get help with your car related problems.

The Santa Dodo riding his sleigh


A seasonal concept to portray Santa Claus as a Dodo bird on his way to distribute presents…

An illustration of the experiences of a driver


Starting from the left, it’s a learner driver who is taking driving lessons. Next is when your car breaks down and you need a mechanic/garage to help you out. Last one on the right is when everything is going fine and you’re enjoying driving your vehicle.

Illustration of the job problem in Mauritius


First panel shows that In school, you’re told to study hard to get a good job. Second panel is the graduation day at University. Third panel is when you’re going for a job interview and you show your hard earned certificates and the employer is rather interested in who you know (politician or other influential person who has recommended you). Fourth panel shows the queuing up for unemployment benefits. All characters depicted as dodos instead of humans though.

If you have a concept or illustration in mind, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.