We humans, we tend to like simple things that are easily digested. When you go to a website where there are lots of texts, your brain instantly finds it boring because there’s too much to read. The formatting of the information can make it better – separating paragraphs with white space to demonstrate where each paragraph starts and ends, having headlines (h1, h2, h3 tags) to show what the paragraphs are about and using bold and italics to emphasise on different parts on the information being presented. Although these would increase the readiness of the information, it still looks boring to the brain. If you throw some nice images related to the topic you’re talking about, then that makes your article look very interesting.

We like images over text because they can convey information easily to us. But when it comes to search engines, this is not so much true. Search engines like Google parses text that it finds on your webpage and infers what the page is about by analysing the text. If there’s not too much text on the website, then that would cause a problem and you’re hindering organic traffic to your website.

A client contacted us some time ago because they were not getting any organic traffic from search engines to their website. When we analysed their site, we found that their homepage which was nicely presented was a big fat image listing all their services. Now for people who know the website, it’s not a problem but for Google, it’s not the right way to go. We asked them to change this image, actually convert the image to its text equivalent so that Google could find what services they were offering. With a bit of css and some tiny images where appropriate (those parts like logo, banners etc), they were able to keep the same design and layout.

Over just 2 weeks, they started ranking for their main keywords because search engines could get a better idea of what their website were about. Of course, it is best practice to include alt tags to describe any image that you have on your site but you cannot substitute good old text for fancy images as that would hinder your rankings.

It is important that you consult a search engine optimisation specialist from the very beginning to give your business a better chance at succeeding because the more time it takes your website to show up in search engines and refer organic traffic, the more money you’ll be using.


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