Mascot Design

Many companies choose to get a mascot designed to represent their business. This is a very nice way to grab the attention of people because the mascot is a character which seems alive and therefore we humans seem to be more able to connect with them. A simple logo is fine for a business but it is inanimate (lifeless) to us and if you really want to stand out of the crowd and make an impression, you should look into getting your own mascot to associate your business with.

Mascot prices are as low as Rs3990

Case Study – Our own website


Nenoufar (different spelling of nenuphar actually) is a lily pad and we wanted to give life to it. So by giving it eyes, mouth, arms and legs and making the character look like an architect (notice the pencil, papers and hat), we managed to bring life to it and convey the message we are in the designing business.

This is what it looked like in the drawing phase :


Of course we tried other variations of the mascot before settling on the above and here are two different ones we drew:

Lily pad leaning on mouse


Lily pad clicking mouse buttons


We discarded the ones with the computer mouse because it either gives the impression we are in the computer repairing business or it’s unclear what we really do, that’s why we went ahead with the architect one because we create websites (design and programming) and depicting the character as a designer by carefully choosing the pose and objects around, we successfully completed our mission.

Our mascot design services start from Rs3990, so get in touch with us now if you want to get your character crafted to represent your company.