It is quite sad to see businesses in Mauritius not making proper use of Google Places which is a free service that lets you get a listing on Google Maps and allows your business to show up when people are searching for services in a particular location.

In the UK for example, when you search for “pizza” on Google, you are automatically shown a map of your current location pinned with places where you can get pizzas. From the listing, you’re able to get the address and telephone number of the place so that you can place your order or go and collect your pizza. You get to see reviews from other people as well which makes life that little bit easier because you don’t want to be spending your money and later find out that the pizza is not very good.

Of course in Mauritius, it’s a really small island and people are now getting used to making the most of what the internet has to offer. Forget the gossip on Facebook unless you want to waste time, but there are many opportunities for you as a business owner to drive more clients to your website and to get more sales. All it takes is to have an optimised Google Places listing and you’re all set.

That doesn’t mean that you should go and list all sort of things on Google Places though because if Google finds out that you’re trying to spam the internet, then it will cause you a lot of headache in the future. It’s better to be truthful to yourself and your clients. That is why you should only create a Google Maps listing if you have a physical location for your business and you make face to face contact with your clients.

Not only will you benefit from this but also people searching on too as this will make it easier for them to find your business. If you’re thinking of going down this path though, remember that people will be able to review your business and it’s important that you provide a good service, otherwise you’ll see negative reviews popping up everywhere on the Web relating to your business and that’s going to do more harm than good.


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