Clever Dodo is one of our own projects. We noticed that there was not enough information on Mauritius so we decided to bridge the gap with a question & answer system (Q&A). We built the project from scratch because we wanted to make the website multi-lingual to reflect the different languages spoken in the country. It is the first website of its kind to offer localisation in English, French and Creole. You may come across many sites on the web where all 3 languages are used but on Clever Dodo we have built in support for any languages which means that if tomorrow we would like to have new content in Bhojpuri, it will be really easy to fit that in. Note that all buttons and messages are customised depending on the language choice contrary to what you will see on other websites where the actual layout is in one language (usually English) and the content in another (could be French/Creole). To better understand what we’re saying, have a look at how we have localised the creole language on Clever Dodo.

On top of that, Clever Dodo is rule based which simply means that any action that is performed on the website is governed by one or more rules. For example, users are not allowed to put links in the answers/comments until they have reached Level 2 or they cannot vote on their own answers or questions.

Being template driven allows us to easily customise emails which are sent to users. If we wanted to change the welcome emails at the end of December to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our members, we only need to change the text of that template rather than recode the whole thing. This makes it really easy to maintain.

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