This website was originally developed in PHP but it was not scaling well with the increase in traffic as it was getting popular. So we had to redo the programming, fix the logic where appropriate and convert their database to UTF so that it could cope better in the future.

An xml sitemap is automatically generated and rebuilt when new articles are released on the site. This helps Google find their new content faster and increases the chance of getting all the content indexed.

We also added Facebook Connect to their website to make it easier for people to leave comments on their articles as the registration process was getting in the way and many people who really wanted to share their views got put off by having to open another account on their site.

To help them with branding, we got a mascot designed for them to replace their old logo which consisted of just their website name. The mascot depicting a genie coming out of an exhaust pipe holding a spanner clearly shows what the website is all about. The exhaust tells you it’s something to do with cars and the spanner in the genie’s hand makes you think about repairs while the genie itself gives you the hope that you’ll get your questions answered.

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