This hobbyist wanted to get a website about pets online really fast. The idea was that this website would strengthen their main site by providing valuable information for pet lovers and direct potential customers towards products they sell.

The website was given life in 2 days and the main problem was to convert all their existing blogposts from a previous blog platform to WordPress. Once this hurdle was over, the site was live.

However we needed more juicy content to help the website gain authority and we provided premium niche content to attract more traffic and build more trust in Google.

We also started an SEO campaign to help the website rank for many of its keywords and although we have not done any more link building to promote the website for some time now, the rankings of the website are still solid and we’ll remain as such in the future provided the authority of the site is maintained. Of course, it’s important to keep on your SEO efforts to ensure you do not get kicked out of the SERPs by competitors but maintaining rankings over a period of time without recourse to corrective seo measures shows how once trust is achieved in the eyes of Google, they are going to send a lot of traffic towards you.

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