Special Offers

We understand many of you just want to have a live website without having to worry about development, hosting and maintenance. This is why we are currently offering a FREE hosting plan to new clients who sign up with us. Here’s how it works:

  • The website we’re building for you needs to qualify for the free web hosting (contact us to find out)
  • You will get the free hosting for 1 year
  • We will configure your website on our server and make it accessible to the public
  • Routine maintenance will be performed (backup of database and files, deleting logs and stats over 6 months old etc)
  • Fix any problems which may arise (limit downtime)

This allows you to concentrate on your business whilst leaving your website in our capable hands. Note that there’s a bandwidth restriction on the server and if your website is driving too much traffic, we may request you to move to a dedicated server so as not to affect the performance of other smaller sites on our server.

So what are you waiting for? Send us a message right away!