Web Banner Design

A web banner is an excellent way to advertise your products or services. As more people are turning out to the Internet for shopping, getting your advertisement displayed on the right websites will mean more leads for you. Most banners are visually appealing because the contain graphics and other images to support the call to action but you can have text based banners as well.

Our static banners start from Rs890 and the animated ones from Rs1190.

Some of the static banners we’ve designed

A 200×200 pixels ad to connect learners with driving instructors.


A 468x60px ad to promote an oral driving test website.


Some animated banners we’ve created

A 468x60px ad to attract tourists to Mauritius

mauritius uncovered
336x280px ad for an insurance website

learner insurance

learner driver insurance

The most common size for web banners are:

  • 468×60
  • 125×125
  • 160×600
  • 728×90
  • 120×600
  • 300×250

If you need custom sizes, we can do that too though.

For all your banner needs, please contact us now.