Web Design Mauritius

As more and more people in Mauritius are turning to the Internet for shopping, information and other services, business owners who do not have a website yet may be losing on that precious source of traffic which could generate many leads and potential sales for them. With an internet presence, you would be able to acquire more customers and generate more profits from your business.

So why miss on a chance to make more money?

Static Website

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other self-employed people, the budget is tight and spending a fortune on getting a website built is usually not feasible. To cater for people who fall into this group, we have designed the following packages:

Single Page Site (starting from Rs990) – You can include any custom text or images you want on that webpage along with your telephone/mobile phone number and email address. Since this is a static website, you will not be able to change the content of the webpage after we have completed our work and delivered it to you.

Multiple Page Site – Same as above but you can add other pages with the same design/layout as the main page (homepage). Here are the charges for the extra services:

  • Rs250 for each additional page
  • Rs450 for a contact page (contact form so that people can email you directly from your website)
  • Rs550 for a slideshow (animation with or without transitions and effects) on the homepage where you can include up to 5 images

Prices quoted above are for a simple layout and if you need more complex designs, then the costs will vary according to your requirements.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is one where the content of the webpages can be changed or new webpages added depending on the functionality.

CMS aka Content Management System (starting from Rs4990) – Whether you want a blogging platform or need a corporate website for your business where you can edit the information on the site and add new images/videos to the content, a CMS will allow you to do just that. You will be in complete control of the website so you can decide what you want to publish and how to format the information presented on the webpages.

E-commerce Solution (starting from Rs11,990) – If you want your customers to purchase your products or services online, then this is perfect for you. You will be able to collect payment from them through the internet itself or have just an online catalogue of things you sell. You can add new  products and edit existing ones at will.

Note that prices stated above are for a simple design and standard functionality and if you need additional features for your online shop, then extra fees would be applicable.

Bespoke Website Development

If your requirements are unique, then we can get a tailor-made website done for you. It will be created from scratch to cater for all your needs, be flexible so that it can accommodate future changes, have a modern look and feel to it and built exactly how you imagined it visually and functionality-wise too.

To discuss your individual needs, please get in touch with us.