Web Hosting

After designing a website, it needs to run on a server which is basically a computer connected to a reliable internet connection 24/7. You can host your website at home but that’s really not advised because if your computer shuts down, crashes or there’s no internet connection, your website will be down. This is why it is recommended that you choose a reliable web host for your sites.

Linux Server

For websites designed in php, we offer linux hosting at Rs149/month. This includes setting up the website for you on the server, configuring your mail accounts and other bits and bobs as well as routine maintenance.

Windows Server

For asp.net web applications, we offer windows hosting at Rs199/month. We’ll get the website up and running for you and if ever there’s any problem with your site, we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

Domain name registration

We provide a domain registration facility for our clients. Without a domain name, your website will be unreachable as there needs to be a static IP address assigned to your website to enable reverse DNS lookup. We advise our mauritian clients to get a .mu top level domain to get the most benefits in terms of geo-targeting and branding in Mauritius. However you can get any other extensions you’d like to though eg .com, .net, .biz etc

Our web hosting facilities are only for our clients!

We do not provide website hosting for just anyone. We are conscious about memory usage, CPU time, bandwidth and what’s uploaded to our servers, hence we only host our clients’ websites to give them the best hosting experience they can ever get.